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It's obvious that we love all things bridal. What's more, we love our brides- past, present and future. There's no greater joy than receiving photos from our brides from their wedding day, beaming with joy and looking stunning in their perfect gown. Our blog is meant to be a tribute to our past brides, a guide full of helpful and fun tips for our present brides, and a source full of sneak-peaks for our future brides. We absolutely love that our brides are willing to take risks and put their trust in us. We are constantly on the hunt for new and different designs and ideas to help our brides stand apart from the rest. 

Jamie & Her Dress- Why You Should Trust Your Bridal Consultant

Kelly Power

Jamie was one of those very laid-back brides but was still very determined to get a dress that was perfectly "her" and fit her personality. Some people find if difficult to believe that you can get a good grasp of someone's personality and taste after only a few minutes but that is something that we, the consultants at MRS, pride ourselves on; By asking specific questions and trying to understand the bride, we typically have dress ideas popping in our heads within minutes. We often find that when brides trust us and are willing to take a few risks it often pays off, and more often they walk away with the dress. We are not saying that WE always pick THE ONE right off the bat- it is definitely a team effort. At MRS, we encourage brides to pull a couple dresses that, for whatever reason, stand out to them.  Then, based on their picks and their answers to our questions, we are guided to dresses we believe are worth a try... many of times, the winner is among them. This was the exact case with Jamie. She had an idea of what she wanted but more than that, it was easy to see that she wanted something "fuss-free"- very indicative of her personality. With those details (and a few others), we pulled Amy Kuschel's "Hemmingway" dress and boy was it a winner!

We were so delighted to hear her own account of the experience that we decided to share it with you!

Well.. to begin, as soon as I stepped into your shop for the first time, I knew I would find my dress. I didn't even bother looking at any other boutiques. Everyone was so relaxed and kind, the atmosphere suited me to a tee. I had a fairly good idea of what style I wanted. When I handed a photo over, you guys pulled a dress!!! It's like you guys read my mind!!! It was the first dress I had ever tried on. As soon as I had it on, I didn't even have to look in the mirror, I knew it was the one. I honestly felt like the dress was made just for me! Many of my family and friends were totally shocked that I chose my dress so quickly, but I can honestly say that you guys are 100% the ones who chose it for me, and I am forever grateful to you for making this experience so easy, fun and truly memorable! 

Jamie and her now-husband Christopher were married September 13, 2013 at Sassafraz restaurant on a beautifully sunny day. Scroll through the photos below to see the stunning day captured so wonderfully.