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It's obvious that we love all things bridal. What's more, we love our brides- past, present and future. There's no greater joy than receiving photos from our brides from their wedding day, beaming with joy and looking stunning in their perfect gown. Our blog is meant to be a tribute to our past brides, a guide full of helpful and fun tips for our present brides, and a source full of sneak-peaks for our future brides. We absolutely love that our brides are willing to take risks and put their trust in us. We are constantly on the hunt for new and different designs and ideas to help our brides stand apart from the rest. 

An Oldie But A Goodie: A Greta Garbo Inspired Dress

Kelly Power

We are always excited when we receive wedding photos in our inbox from brides. It's honestly such a bright moment in our day; it's like finally getting to see the ending to a movie we made a small cameo in. Every once and a while, we get a bit of a blast from the past- a bride who sends us her photos even after years have passed since the big day. We get to have that "OH! REMEMBER HER!" moment and relive the joy of finding the dress all over again. That's exactly what happened with our bride Sara. Sara came to us in January 2012 on her hunt for her perfect gown. She had a very specific vision for her wedding...

We wanted our wedding to be the perfect blend of rustic elements juxtaposed with elegant details - for instance, the chandelier went perfectly with the old wooden beams and the rock band was refreshing and exciting after a fancy sit down meal.  It was important for us that our guests enjoy fabulous food and beverages, an awesome wedding cake (made by Bobbette and Belle - picture included), and great music!  

We knew that Sara was not meant for any ordinary gown; she had a vintage, old-hollywood vibe with an edge which is what made Elizabeth Fillmore's Garbo gown a true stand-out for her. When we asked her what drew her to her gown she replied...

I loved everything about it, especially the back.  I also loved the broach and the detail on the front.  The name Garbo sealed the deal - Greta Garbo was so beautiful and elegant and I felt like she would have loved my gown!  The moment my Mom and I walked into Mrs. Bridal I knew I'd find my dress there.  When I saw the Elizabeth Fillmore gowns I was hooked and when I tried on the Garbo gown, it fit me like a glove - like it was made just for me.  I'll never forget that moment that I found THE perfect dress ... I never wanted to take it off! 

That truly is music to our ears! Sara married Justin on October 13th 2012 at the Fermenting Cellar in the Historic Distillery District. One thing we absolutely love about Sara's wedding is how the couple's personal style and obvious love for one another basically lept off the pages of the photos. From Sara's stunning headpiece, the gorgeous crystal chandelier set in front of an exposed concrete wall, to the best man's killer top hat, there was no shortage of personality. It sounds like Sara thought it was an ok day too :)

My wedding was honestly the wedding of my dreams.  I loved my dress, venue, wedding party, and every person who shared the day with us.  Not to mention the fact that I married the best man I've ever known (aside from my two dads).  There were so many emotions shared, and many tears of happiness shed.  Whenever I think about our wedding I can't help but smile, in fact, my husband and I often reminisce about that day.