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It's obvious that we love all things bridal. What's more, we love our brides- past, present and future. There's no greater joy than receiving photos from our brides from their wedding day, beaming with joy and looking stunning in their perfect gown. Our blog is meant to be a tribute to our past brides, a guide full of helpful and fun tips for our present brides, and a source full of sneak-peaks for our future brides. We absolutely love that our brides are willing to take risks and put their trust in us. We are constantly on the hunt for new and different designs and ideas to help our brides stand apart from the rest. 

All In The Family: A Tale Of Two Brides

Kelly Power


It's happened a couple times in our history; A bride comes in to find her perfect gown and among her entourage is her sister- a former bride of MRS. We can't quite put into words why it's so special when two sisters find their gowns at our shop. It's such a cool thing- such a special family-bonding moment. This was the case when our bride, Sandy, came in with her mom and sister Margaret. A year prior, we were fitting Margaret for her special day and right by her side, every step of the way, was her sister Sandy. Sandy and Margaret have one of the most special sister-sister bonds we've ever encountered. The love and support they have for one another is palpable- you can feel it in your bones.



They are truly the most genuine people on the planet and when each of them stood there, while the other put on THE dress, you could feel how truly excited they were for one another. It is absolutely true that beauty on the inside is what matters and it's almost unfair how much beauty is packed into these two people. Want to know what else is unfair? The inner beauty is matched by the outer. To say that they are just beautiful is nearly rude. They are striking... stunning... gorgeous... ridiculous. It became a common occurrence after each time they were in the shop for someone to sigh after they left "I wish I was a Nozuka sister..." One can only dream....

Sandy and Margaret come from a large family- they have 5 brothers! Oh, and did we forget to mention that they are crazy-talented? At both Sandy and Margaret's wedding it was a musical affair with all of their brothers performing for each of their special days. The love that Sandy and Margaret have for each other is an extension of the love among the entire family. You can actually FEEL the love by looking at their wedding photos- seriously... goosebumps. You will see a brother hugging his sister so honestly and with so much pride. You will see a mom clasping the hand of a son while they look on; smiles so bright they could light up the sky. And then there were the tears... so many tears of joy and utter bliss. While we did get a first hand account by their photographer- the incredible Tara McMullen, just looking through the photos we felt every emotion- every moving moment. 

We know what you're thinking... how can this get any better? Well, it does. Even though Sandy and Margaret both look alike, they definitely have their own unique style and taste. And STILL, they both fell in love with dresses by the same designer, Elizabeth Fillmore. Margaret wore a custom-designed soft and romantic lace gown while Sandy chose a strikingly bold strapless laser cut lace (the FIRST dress she ever put on!). Both equally stunning in their own right. 


Margaret was married July, 2013, at Spadina House with the reception taking place at Archeo Restaurant in the historic distillery district. Her ceremony had a very natural and romantic feel to it made even more stunning by the floral accents created by the incredible team at Sweet Woodruff- an "alter" made entirely of rose-petals and classic ivory floral bouquets with just hints of greenery. The reception was a slight contrast with somewhat of an industrial feel but kept with the natural, romantic, and easy-going vibe that the ceremony created. Clean and classic ivory centrepieces adorned the rustic wooden banquet style tables. Just so lovely. 



Sandy was married June, 2014, at the stunning Eagles Nest Golf and Country Club. Her ceremony was modern and sophisticated- the gorgeous ivory florals arranged so elegantly on white rectangular pillars was the perfect juxtaposition to the softness of the natural greenery surrounding them. The reception just oozed class and elegance. An ivory and gold palette painted the room to perfection. From the gold charger plates and gold-rimmed glassware to the crisp white dance-floor, it was a striking scene.

Both ridiculously stunning brides walked down the aisle to their ridiculously handsome grooms in front of their ridiculously lovely families and lived ridiculously happily ever after (we presume). 

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