Caitlin & Tyler: Romance & Fireworks in Muskoka

Every so often we have a bride who walks through our doors who knows exactly what she is looking for. This bride has a very distinct taste or idea in her mind and knows herself very well. This was the case with Caitlin. When Caitlin, her sister, and her mom visited our shop for the first time they knew they were looking for something elegant but unique- something that people would say “wow!

I haven’t seen anything like that before!” It wasn’t long after we put her in “Analise” by Elizabeth Fillmore that she knew that this dress fit the bill. Caitlin describes her quest for the perfect gown….

I’m not really a puffy or lace type person, so right from the start I knew finding my perfect wedding dress was not going to be easy. I wanted something different, but still traditional. I started scouring wedding magazines and tearing out pictures of dresses I liked and showing them to Tyler. I wanted to make sure that Tyler loved the dress that I picked, as I wanted him to be blown away when he saw me for the first time. Ty was great help, he definitely knew what he didn’t like and thankfully we were on the same page. It was really important to him that I looked like myself on the day in something that was very me.

We flew back from London for friend’s wedding and my mom and sister had planned a day of wedding dress shopping! We went to about 6 bridal boutiques in total that day with MRS being our last stop. The day had not been a success, until…I tried on the beautiful Elizabeth Fillmore gown a.k.a. my dress at MRS! You hear of people having ‘the it moment’ when they just know its the right dress and I definitely did. When I came out of the dressing room with the dress on, I knew it was ‘the one’ when all 3 of us – me, my mom and sister started to cry. It was a magical moment and I knew my search was over. It took me one day to find my dress and I never looked back. Each time I tried it on I fell more and more in love.

Caitlin was not afraid to make a statement and she wasn’t afraid to customize either. In fact, we were able to set up a private fitting for Caitlin with Elizabeth Fillmore in her New York City studio. It was there that the creative process continued. Elizabeth and Caitlin worked together to make small tweaks in the original design to reflect more of Caitlin’s taste and personality. The result? A truy one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

What’s more amazing, and truly a testament to the wonderful person Caitlin is, beyond the initial appointment when Caitlin chose the dress, all correspondence regarding the changes/customization with our team at MRS. was done over email due to the fact that Caitlin was living in London, England at the time. It was this trust in our team- that we would come through for her in the end- that made the process enjoyable for all parties. When Caitlin returned home for alterations and for her big day- we were delighted to see the final product- and so was she- to say the least!

Caitlin married Tyler McGraw on September 13th, 2014 at Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club. We knew that the wedding would be stylish, sophisticated yet personal and intimate, given what we had learned from meeting Caitlin. She described her vision for the wedding as “soft, romantic, magical, and elegant- all while incorporating the stunning outdoor setting of Muskoka. Judging by the photos by the talented Storey Wilkins Photography it’s clear to see that romance, magic, and elegance was definitely in the air. Caitlin sums up the day beautifully…

Our wedding day was truly a magical day filled with love, laughter and celebration. Tyler and I were overwhelmed by the love and support we felt on our wedding day. Before getting married, Ty and I dated for almost 14 years. Growing up he was the boy next door that I knew I needed to be with. We started dating when I was 15, he was 16 and we have been together ever since. We wanted our wedding day to be a celebration of our commitment to each other (past and future) and to honour our friends and family who have and continue to play a large part in our lives.There were a lot of laughs, some happy tears, but above all else this indescribable feeling of love and warmth.